Silverback SB-60 In-Ground Basketball System Review

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Start enjoying the game of basketball in your home either alone or with friends and family with the Silverback SB-60 in-ground basketball system. This is the top of the range basketball system that offers pro-style quality. It is both rugged and safe to use and you feel like you are in the NBAs shooting hoops with the real pros. The aesthetic value of this system will enhance your yard tremendously and soon your neighbors will be shooting hoops with you too before they order their own system.

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Silverback SB-60 Basketball System Features

The back board on the Silverback basketball system is made of tempered glass on an aluminum trim frame. This looks good any day and much like the pros have it and the tempered glass is safe for rugged play. This shows that the Silverback is not for amateurs as it can withstand the roughest of play. You can indulge in dunk sessions without any worry since the glass is tempered and can withstand any impact and the pole is thickly padded for your protection. The backboard is extra protected by a frame so that it stands firm.

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The pole on the Silverback SB-60 In-Ground Basketball System has a thick foam pad for protection of the players. In addition, this padding is high enough and covers the entire length of the pole. This protects the player and is also a great way of keeping corrosion away, thought the pole is made from high tensile steel and aluminum that does not corrode easily.

The rim on this Silverback basketball system is breakaway which is easy to handle. The pole itself is two-piece though it actually looks like a single pole. This adds to the strength and stability of the entire system. The system is also rust and corrosion protected by the DuPont Corrosion Amor and Powder. With rust and any other type of corrosion kept at bay, your system will last a lifetime. It is covered by a 7-year limited warranty which includes the backboard glass.

Silverback SB-60 Basketball System Review

There is no question that there can only be satisfied customers from the Silverback SB-60 In-Ground Basketball System’s features. All the reviews on this item give a 5-star rating! Customer satisfaction is very key in this game and the product speaks for itself. The tempered glass is a great attraction to this basketball hoop. At the same time the two-piece pole has proved itself. One customer was skeptical about it but cannot have it any other way now. It is definitely a great plus for this product and a wonderful selling point. It is also pretty easy to set up this Silverback basketball system with just a little bit of expertise needed and in no time you are shooting hoops. Customers love this fact too. Click here to read more reviews.

It is definitely a win-win game with the SB-60 in-ground system. As long as the instructions are followed to the letter on set up and usage, there can be no complaints. Hopefully, all customers will stay that way as more people order this product.

Go ahead and enjoy a wonderful game of basketball by ordering your Silverback SB-60 In-Ground Basketball System. It is definitely worth what it retails for and will give you a great workout and bonding session with family and friends. Click here to get it shipped to you for free for a limited time only!

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