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You can get to play a game of basketball game just like the pros right outside your house.  All you have to do is buy a basketball system that suits your tastes and needs. A basketball system is an easy to install system that allows every member of the family to have a go at the system because it comes with an adjustable height pole with spring back rim equipment. The pole is made of the rim comes in a wraparound bracing that incorporates doubles springs so that when you dunk the ball, the rim gives way to protect you and then springs back to former position just like those NBA rims. This gives the game a real feel of a slam-it basketball experience.

The poles usually are made of very durable steel metal and there is also a spring board that makes the game more like that of pros. The springboard is manufactured using high density coated polythene that can withstand many years of weathering. There are several types of basketball systems and they can be summarized as follows:

In-ground Basketball System

This type of system can be fitted to the ground either using a bolt mounting kit or directly. This type of a system requires little space as the base is small. A professional is required to put up the equipment and a 72 hour grace period is required to allow the cement to dry before you have a dunking and slamming spree try at it. The benefit of having this type is because you can adjust the height of the pole easily by either using the pneumatic system or a counter balance method. The pole accessories can also be easily removed for easy storage during the off play season.

Wall mount Basketball Systems

This just comes as a spring board and the rim. The benefit of this one is that it is very practical to many people as one will only need to screw it to the wall and the game starts. They are sturdier than the rest and they optimise space better. The disadvantage about this is that you either choose to fix it for the kids to play or for yourself as there is no height adjustment room.

Portable Basketball System

They are best loved for their convenience in portability. A portable comes with a powder coated steel pole that is very strong in addition to having an alternative way of setting up the base. You can use water or sand to make it stable even though it can’t be as strong as the wall mount or the in-ground systems. They are easy to move around and easy to adjust heights.

The difference in all of the basketball systems would be in the mode of adjusting the heights, save for wall mount system. Some use power to adjust the heights while others use the pneumatic system still others use a knob system whereby the pole is adjusted manually after several clicks. Either way the basketball system is an ideal tool to help you unwind and exercise and for the kids to learn the game.

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