Lifetime 71566 XL Portable Basketball System Review

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Basketball is a favorite pastime that should be engaged in a most sophisticated way. One way of doing this is by installing the Lifetime 71566 XL Portable Basketball System. It is a wonderful and smart device that will give you pleasure as you shoot hoops and practice jump shots right in your backyard. As you use it continually, you will soon be giving the NBA pros a run for their money, literally.

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Lifetime 71566 XL Portable Basketball System Features

Of course the most alluring feature of the Lifetime 71566 XL is that you can install it at a position of your choice. This basketball system rolls on wheels unlike the traditional in-ground basketball systems. You can move it from place to place with ease and keep it stable by filling the base with sand or water. This gives you freedom of where you practice and with it comes privacy in that you do not have to endure crowded sports centers. You can also practice when you want any time of day and night.

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The Lifetime 71566 XL Portable Basketball System is built with stability and the backboard is virtually unbreakable. This is due to the technology used in the construction of the backboard to give it such remarkable qualities. Dunking is made safe and the spring mechanism on the rim springs back to make your experience even more memorable. And as you improve your game, you get to raise the level 6 inches at a time for even greater challenge.

You can practice your hoops with peace of mind knowing that the entire Lifetime portable basketball system is covered by a 5-year warranty. The amazing graphics on the pole and backboard are fade-resistant so your basketball system does not lose the branding and stays new at all time. The adjusting options give you freedom to adjust the height as per your requirements. There is an option for height adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet.

Lifetime 71566 XL Portable Basketball System Review

These are just some of the features in the Lifetime 71566 XL portable basketball system that have resulted in 52 customer reviews with an impressive 28 reviews giving a 5-star rating. There are also 17 reviews with a 4-star rating and the other 5 are 3-star rating. The average rating consequently stands at 4.4-star which is a great achievement indeed. Portability is a popular feature with most of the reviews and the freedom it provides as well as convenience. Another popular feature is the easy set up procedure which does not involve digging of a hole. It also means that you can easily change the position after set up if you do not like it. Click here to read these reviews on Amazon.

With such impressive positive reviews, any negative remark pales. Basically, for you to use this product effectively you have to know how it works and once this is established, you can start practicing for the playoffs.

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